What is a binary robot? How a Binary Robot Work?

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A Binary Options Robot is basically a pre-built automatic software tool that applies binary options in undertaking trade transactions. The Binary Robot is among the best trade tool which uses binary options as opposed to using actual traders. For traders with no actual experience, this is the best tool to use since it is developed and customized for easy use by an amateur trader. The Binary Options Robot is fantastic trading software since it carries out all the trades and analytics itself.

Binary Option

A binary option is an option type where the structure of the payoff is centered on either a fixed compensation amount on condition that the option will expire in the money or if it expires out of the money a compensation of nothing at all. As such, the basis of a binary option is centered on a yes or no proposal thus the term �binary’. A binary option exercises automatically which means that the owner or holder of the option lacks the choice of selling or buying the basic asset.


How binary option operates?

The investor is only required to guess whether or not a specific thing will occur and the compensation will depend on whether it does actually occur. For instance, the option may be whether the stake of a company will be above say $2500 on a date and time such as July 11th at 11:25 am. Suppose the stake of that company at that time is $2700, automatically, the option exercises and the preset amount of money get to the option holder.

How a Binary Robot Work?

A binary robot utilizes pre-programmed algorithms to produce optimum outcomes for the investor utilizing it. It applies a similar principle applied in High Frequency Trading by major investment banks. The Binary robot is an efficient tool mainly since it can be user programmed to carry out businesses when the owner has no time to carry it out himself. Aside from that it can operate and do business under preset parameters.

  • You begin by registering where you click on OPEN ACCOUNT and there on you proceed to filling in your details; the only required information is your name, country from where you are operating and your email. An email confirmation is then sent to your email address to verify all the details of the created account.
  • Binary robot has simplified the registering process and automatically links you to a broker immediately on completion of registration available in your country.
  • In case you as a trader want to trade with a number of brokers, you simply have to click on OPEN ACCOUNT with your preferred broker followed by filling in registration information.
  • To safeguard security of your funds, all the deposits and withdrawals go directly through your broker account.
  • Depositing is simple and dependable. Traders have a variety of trustworthy brokers from whom they can deposit with. All the payment transactions which are only received by the brokers can be viewed at the dashboard of the Robot.
  • Once you have completed this, you can leave the robot to undertake the trading activities for you or you can pre-program some parameters that it can use when undertaking the trading.
  • On registering, you get a basic account from which you can access a variety of over 50 assets.

If you are a consistent depositor and you continue making more deposits, you will be provided with a Binary Options Robot VIP account which is a leeway to more options of trade.


Binary robot comes with several distinct features as highlighted below all developed to ease the process of trading for traders. Below is a list of its features: %d1%80%d0%be%d0%b1%d0%be%d1%82-4

  1. It is completely free: Binary robots only require a trader to deposit with the brokers; from there henceforth no other additional costs are incurred by the trader. As opposed to other numerous applications, Binary robot provides binary signals free of charge.
  2. Easily operated without requiring downloading: Numerous individuals dread the task of downloading and installing any software or app on their devices. One of the best things about a Binary robot is that non download is necessitated. It directly functions from Cloud which eases and simplifies the trade process. As is the case with other available trading tools, one requires downloading an activation key after registration. As for Binary tool, this is something you do not have to worry about. On making a deposit, which is the only form of payment mandated by the Binary robot, all the other trade proceedings are handled by the tool.
  3. Internet Connectivity: As earlier mentioned, binary robot trading tool can be operated from a host of devices which gives the trader convenience to operate from their area and device of comfort. When using other devices such as smartphones, internet connectivity is required in order to activate an option known as the Auto Trade. The Robot also has a feature known as the History Tab which allows the trader to have the option of viewing all previous trades that have been transacted with brokers.
  4. Binary Robot Supports smart-phones, laptops and tablets: One of the best features of the Binary robot is the fact that it can be supported and used in any smartphone inclusive of both Android and iPhones. Moreover, laptops and tablets can also be used to operate the tool. This is a convenient feature which gives the user a whole variety of devices from which he/she can operate from.

Aside from the trading options of binary brokers and signals that the Robot avails to the trader, there are also several trading options that a trader can apply to enhance their trading outcomes. A feature known as Daily Stop Loss together with Trade amount tool are among the options available to traders with a basic account. With a Binary Robot account, a trader has a wide variety of assets(over 50) they can choose from and can also acquire for free binary signals from algorithms that are successful.


  • By using a binary option robot, a trader can pull off trades that humans cannot undertake: Through its significant calculation power, the robot is able to undertake unlimited rapid trades. Manually, humans are not able to carry out such numerous trades.
  • The use of the Binary Robot ensures that deals and trades are undertaken devoid of emotional attachment. For humans a string of bad trade losses can significantly influence how they undertake the next trades. Nonetheless, for the binary option robot, it will steadily make trades even after a string of profit losses.
  • A trader can shift his/her focus to high profit trades and let the robot transact small profit trades independently.

In a nutshell: Making money through trade has never been made this easier. With a binary option robot, you can go on with your other businesses stress-free without worry of losing other small transactions, all at the issuing of a command to the robot.

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